Do you want a Patek Phillipe replica? The brand presents the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph


Patek Philippe has presented, in Baselworld, the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph watch. Its price $ 57,300 but, although you may only be able to afford a Patek Phillipe replica, it is worth knowing the features of the original. It is a chronograph that allows us to know the time in two time slots at a glance.

The Nautilus collection is a classic Patek Phillipe classic, and the brand has been drawing models within this collection for more than 30 years and, each time, the Nautilus have been incorporating technology and greater amenities.

Made of steel, this watch has a 60 minute counter at the 6 o’clock position, and at 12 o’clock an analog calendar gives you a greater sense of symmetry than the previous models had. In addition, as its name suggests, it adds the Travel Time function, which although in practice is something as simple as adding two needles for the hours, so that the owner of the clock can know the local time and time in his country Of origin, when it was made, has been a real challenge for Patek Phillipe watchmakers. Like almost all current elite replica watches, the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph uses Superluminova technology to allow its owner to see the time in the dark.

Best Replica Watches By IWC

CheapReplica IWC Replica Swiss Watches
IWC Replica Swiss Watches

In our article we will talk about the best replica watches on the market, and a brand that stands out more and more among the collectors of wrist watches around the world: The replica IWC watches.

I am sure that on more than one occasion you have thought about buying replica watches of the Swiss brand IWC. Why? Because I have thought it too!
This internationally famous brand is undoubtedly one of the most popular among IWC replica watch collectors lately. There are others like Rolex or Hublot that I love, but the models of IWC replicas watches have a “magic” touch. They are the type of watch that would take an explorer of the beginning of the century, someone who wants to innovate and go beyond, to discover new things, but always respecting the tradition.

We could safely say that in the world of replica watches, IWC watches are those who have a more classic, simpler and more elegant aura. Just stop for 3 seconds to see any of the IWC replica watches on the market, to know for sure that this is a simple watch, away from the sporty and modern lines of most wristwatches.

In fact there are many people who claim that the IWC replica watch collector is a separate species in the world of imitation watch collecting.

The International Watch Company was founded in Switzerland in the year 1868 by the American watchmaker F. A. Jones. It has more than 300 employees, and has as its main feature that its headquarters is not located in Geneva, (like 90% of companies of wristwatches in the world), but it is located in the small Swiss town of Schaffhausen.

Nowadays celebrities of culture, and sports wear this type of wristwatches on their wrist, and in recent years there has been a spectacular demand for IWC replica watches around the planet, since its elegance and simplicity makes of They a very collectible and special object for many people.

One of the most remarkable features of IWC replicas watches is its perpetual calendar. Many of the best models of “International Watch Company” fake watches, such as “Portuguese”, or “Big Pilot” have the perpetual calendar just above the stopwatch. This is a unique feature, and very particular, since, although many watch brands have tried to imitate swiss IWC watches, very few have succeeded.

That unique and non-transferable personality is what makes many collectors around the world opt for IWC replica watches, rather than buying an original, since prices are truly prohibitive.

For example, the model “Doppelchronograph Spitfire 3713” has a price of more than 5000 euros. I, as a collector of replica watches, have to admit that I am not a big fan of IWC watches, because I like other brands much more, but I am sure that if I had to opt for this famous Swiss brand based in Schaffhausen, I would prefer to buy replica watches similar to those of “International Watch Company”.

Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph Copy Watches – Ref.5004 And Ref.5970

In the Patek Philippe calendar chronograph family, Ref.5004 highly iconic and representative, is the heart of watch collectors love, For its review, I believe we can not wait.

Ref.5004 and Ref.3970 look similar, but the former is genuine double chasing chronograph. Ref.5004 case diameter is still 36 mm, by adding the basic movement in the Lemania dual-chronograph timing module, thereby enhancing the technical and functional depth, itself has become an independent collection category.

The integration of the perpetual calendar and the double chronograph mechanism is a challenge and initiative, Ref.5004 is therefore regarded as one of the most important replica watch models in modern times. Ref.5004 in 1996 came out, it is estimated that the annual output of only 12, until 2012 was the application of self-movement of the Ref.5204 replaced. As we know, Ref.5004 material covers a variety of metals, is undoubtedly the most sought after early black dial platinum.

Ultimate Ref.5004 Swiss Fake Watches

Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph ref 5004 Replica
Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph ref 5004 Replica

It can be said that each Ref.5004 are called the ultimate replica watch. If you have to separate a high and low, the first thought must be Ref.5004A, Familiar with Patek Philippe all know the letter “A” refers to the “stainless steel case.” November 2011, there are rumors that Patek Philippe will be the last to build 50 stainless steel Ref.5004, collection sector crazy. These stainless steel Ref.5004 price of more than 300,000 US dollars, the end of the table engraved owner’s name to curb second-hand circulation. But simply to no avail, because not long after, we will see at the auction of these stainless steel Ref.5004 figure.

For example, the figure shown in this, in Christie’s Hong Kong to shoot 409,000 US dollars. In theory, the stainless steel Ref.5004 is a cool Patek Philippe fake watch, but the release of more than 50 pieces of stainless steel models to meet customer needs of this approach, it is inevitable that some of Patek Philippe senior players dissatisfaction, some people even feel angry. Consider, Ref.5004 production period of 15 years (1996-2011), with an average annual output of 12, a total of 180 pieces. Now, the market suddenly emerge more than 50 pieces of stainless steel models, than any other single metal models should be more.

Of course, there are other special models Ref.5004, such as equipped with a unique dial, or even the original metal bracelet. Ref.5004, truly unique, only Patek Philippe for the 2013 Only Watch charity auction will create a solitary titanium, this watch the final price of 398 million US dollars, beyond the Eric Clapton Ref. 2499.

Ref.5970 Replica Watches

Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph ref 5970 Replica
Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph ref 5970 Replica

Some people will Ref.5970 called Patek Philippe best replica watch, some people think that it is the proportion of perfect, well-proportioned, and some people say it is the ultimate chapter of Patek Philippe excellent tabulation. Ref.5970 from the beginning of production in 2004, until 2011 is the use of homemade movement Ref.5270 alternative and discontinued, only lasted for seven years, but also Patek Philippe calendar chronograph production cycle in the shortest model. Ref.5970 Case diameter of 40 mm, more modern, increased size of the dial is a good blend of the tachometer scale, with the previous generation model is completely different appearance makes it particularly outstanding. Ref. 5970 and Ref.5020, Ref.5970 equipped with Lemania basic movement. Because the case diameter increases, so many people will say, compared to the early petite Ref.3970, Ref.5970 application balance wheel is more excellent.

Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph Replica Watches UK
Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph Replica Watches UK

Ref.5970 clarity, the application of four kinds of metal materials, the highest price of platinum models, but also the most sought after. There are claims, Ref. 5970J (gold models) is the most rare. Ref.5970 the dial does not change too much, only the Tiffany logo version and occasionally special customized version. Fake Patek Philippe Ref.5970 may be one of the safest investment watch. 2005 New York magazine published an article to ask whether Ref.5970G true value of 89,600 US dollars (then price), and today the same watch in the secondary market price is 145,000 US dollars, Ref.5970 at least and gold The same hedge.

As shown above, this champagne Ref.5970J because of its unique rare dial in December 2013, Christie’s New York to shoot 353,000 US dollars. Yes, just because the dial color differences, this champagne dial models Ref.5970J expensive than ordinary models out of 200,000 US dollars. Rose gold, platinum and gold section of the price of about 13 million to 150,000 US dollars, the platinum section will be 17.5 million. All materials Ref.5970 prices are steadily rising, in May 2013 a platinum section Ref.5970 in Christie’s Geneva auction to shoot $ 217,000.

Patek Philippe Fake Watches
Patek Philippe Fake Watches

Ultimate Ref.5970 Swiss Fake Watches

In the end there is no ultimate Ref.5970? Once again, each one is called the ultimate Ref. 5970 replica, although there is no similar stainless steel (Ref. 1518) or titanium (Ref.5004).  Next to introduce an interesting thing on the Ref. 5970, Patek Philippe replica collectors should have heard, but the specific details we all know very little – That is a belongs to Eric Clapton’s Ref.5970 replica watch uk. 2011 F1 Italian Grand Prix, Eric Clapton wearing a white metal material, Breguet dial digital watch. Although the specific details of fuzzy difficult to distinguish, but it is undoubtedly a Ref.5970, and the dial and the production version is not the same.

In any case, Ref.5970 are rated as the pinnacle of modern swiss replica watch collection, on the Patek Philippe calendar chronograph introduction also stop here. Ref.5270 and Ref.5204, which use homemade movement, are still in production, and this article is not going to continue. It is precisely because of this, Patek Philippe Chronograph Chronograph legend is still not over.

Classic Dream Black Fashion New Choice – Luxury Replica Watches

Wearing the traditional white-disc watch, you want to point the fresh it? Our today recommended three fashionable type of black disc watch will be a good choice. Capable and mysterious black element dial will make people a “light”, is also one of the more popular watches. Wear them, there will be different and traditional feeling of white, while enhancing the taste, showing the unique charm.

IWC Pilots IW327001 Replica Watches


Watches Series: Pilot Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case Material: stainless steel
Strap material: calfskin
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch the price: 5000 $

IWC signs pilots watch series, to perfect the quality and precision of the tabulation process by all the friends favorite. This swiss replica watch is one of the more popular watches in the series. The triangle marks are again placed under the minute lap, and the numbers are slightly thicker, and the five-minute scale becomes more slender. The overall dial more harmonious beauty, heritage of the merits of the past. 3 time scale date display window, view more accurate. Equipped with black calfskin strap, and 40 mm steel case against each other, giving the feeling of fashion tough.

Omega Deville 424. Fake Watches


Watch Series: Deville
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case Material: stainless steel
Strap Material: leather
Case diameter: 39.5 mm
Watch the price: $4000

Watch from the outside, 39.5 mm steel dial, refined elegance. Pure black dial with a simple minimalist fine needle, Rome and bar number scale each other, highlight the elegant style. The polished bezel and black concentric dial phase, smooth lines, beautiful. Black retro leather strap, hardness and softness, especially the avant-garde of the table needle design, but also there are some fashion sense, very suitable for entering the workplace of small white-collar wear.

Panerai Luminor Replica Watches


Watch series: LUMINOR
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case Material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather belt
Case diameter: 44 mm
Watch the public price: $ 5100

Domineering tough shape, pillow-type steel case, with the brand characteristics of the crown bridge, with a black leather strap, constitute the Panerai replica watch. Simple black dial on the atmosphere, the design of the avant-garde of the four Arabic numerals and time scales are distributed in the outer dial, and the pointer and the moment has a fluorescent part, even in darker environments can easily observe the time. Watch itself with a stylish atmosphere. Watch style is more wild, whether it is suits or casual wear can be

to sum up:Different people give a different feeling: fashion people say that black represents the mysterious; avant-garde people said that black represents cool; mature man said that black solemn … … as one hundred people in the hearts of one hundred Hamlet , Black gives the feeling is not the same, you watch the ideal black element watch watch what kind of it? If you do not have the direction, but would like to start with a black element dial replica watch, then consider these three absolutely right.


TAG Heuer Replica Watches #GYATM

— Jean-Claude Biver once again seems to have caught other brands napping as he signs up TAG Heuer Replica with China’s Mars Exploration Programme.

swiss tag heuer replica watches

Buzz Aldrin caused a stir among replica watch fans during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro when he tweeted that he had begun designing a new Mars watch with Omega. This was big news from a brand that is closely linked with space exploration and whose Speedmaster collection to this day trades on its unique status as the “first and only watch worn on the moon”.

Just over a week later came the latest in TAG Heuer’s almost daily partnership announcements. As the brand struggles to find new opportunities on Earth, it has more recently ventured into space, signing a partnership agreement with Swiss Space Systems and now teaming up with China’s space agency, which plans to orbit, land on Mars and deploy a rover all in the same mission in 2020. There was no tweet from Jean-Claude Biver to mark the occasion. He is more of an Instagram man and his photos pointedly recalled that TAG Heuer replica was the first watch in space, holding the watch worn by John Glenn in front of his eye, and even saw him suggesting a logo for the China Space Agency’s mission to explore the “Dark Side of the Moon”.

Jean-Claude Biver


Orbiting Mars, landing on the planet and deploying a rover all in the same mission has never been done before. And China’s National Space Administration plans to do this in just four year’s time, in 2020. TAG Heuer is there from the start as the agency announced a “global sollication event” for the programme’s logo design.
NASA hopes to send a manned mission to Mars sometime in the 2030s, so Buzz Aldrin has plenty of time to design a replica watch for Omega that might be worn by the first intrepid astronauts who will head for the Red Planet. It won’t be the first “Mars Watch”, however, since Omega already decided to tie its Speedmaster X-33 model with the planet back in 1998, when it was associated with the “Mission to Mars” movie.

In the meantime, as Jean-Claude Biver steadfastly follows his mantra of being “first, unique and different” he is more than ever the Usain Bolt of swiss made replica watch marketing – the man that everybody is desperately chasing but whom nobody seems capable of catching for the foreseeable future.