Fake Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven PHOTO Review

Good news, guys! I have added a new baby to my Breitling collection. I am talking about the Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven. It’s a watch that has a particular look due to its combination of colors and its carbon-based coating. It’s a great addition to my collection of attractive watches and the manufacturers really did a good job with this replica Breitling Chronomat 44. And it’s a Swiss quality one, so I am really excited about it. 

Breitling Replica Chronomat Evolution
Breitling Replica Chronomat Evolution

Launched in 1984, the Chronomat has become since one of the most important Breitling collections. These timepieces are known as supreme instruments for professionals. The Chronomat 44 it’s a symbol for performance, sporting feats and exceed personal limits.  When the Raven model was launched, I thought that this is what Breitling did through this new design, they have surpassed their limits. Released three decades later after the first Chronomat was launched, the Raven has brought some novelty with it. The traditional Chronomat design was reinvented. It has come with an original new look and a focus on performance. Its features are more sporty and it has a much more technical appearance.

Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven-Looks & Feel

Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven
Breitling Raven 44 Dial View

This replica Breitling Chronomat has a very masculine look and feel. In the watch specifications, it is written that the case, bezel, and crown is ion plated. It replicates perfectly the carbon-based coating. The orange rubber-inlaid numerals can are the right shade and size. The dial features 3 subdials, the inner tachymeter bezel, the central chronograph seconds hand and the counter pointers. The subdials include the continuous seconds that can be seen at 9 o’clock, the 30 minute totalizer located at 3 o’clock, and a 12-hour totalizer at 6. The date can be seen at 4:30. The strap is made from rubber and it has Breiling written all over it. When I wear it, the weight feels just about right. It’s heavy, but that’s how a watch of these dimensions and design should feel like. It’s bulky and masculine. One may think that a black, matte watch could be a bit boring, but that’s not how this watch is like. The orange details really make it stand out.

Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven-Movement

Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven
Breitling Chronomat 44 Back Case

This Chronomat 44 Raven is my first Swiss watch. I thought it was about time to upgrade and pay more on a Swiss replica watch. Especially since I really like this model and hopefully I will get to wear it for a long time since now. As you may know, there is no difference between the Japanese and Swiss, when it comes to the look. The difference can be noticed in the movements. As far as I can tell, I can feel the difference. The movement is Kinetic and I can say that the power reserve is better so I don’t have to worry about wounding it. This really is one of the most reliable mechanisms you can find on the replica market. I have measured how much time this Swiss Raven loses and it’s about 2 seconds in 48 hours. That’s pretty impressive for a replica.

Breitling Replica Chronomat 44- The Fold

Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven
Breitling Chronomat Raven 44 full View

From all of my fake Breitling watches, this Chronomat Raven is by far my favorite. It may be because of its design and even the fact that it’s a swiss may have something to do, but I really like it. I made some research on replica review sites (there are not many) and decided it was time to go with a Swiss watch. Even though I paid about $600, it was well worth it. This replica Breitling Chronomat is one of my most reliable watches. The price of an original is around $8000. Paying less than a tenth for what looks like an identical copy, is a great deal. In terms of design, this watch looks just like the original and it also feels just like one. Some of my replicas aren’t the mirror image copy of the real thing, but this one is. So, yeah, I can say that this Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven is worth the money. I wasn’t expecting such a great watch when I ordered it, even if I got it from one of the websites I usually order from.

Fake Cartier Caliber Watches UK Review- White Dial Vs Black Dial

I get asked quite a lot to write about Cartier watches. So, I decided it’s time to do it. One of the watches I wrote about before, owned by some of my friends, the Cartier Caliber replica is an unexpected release from the house of Cartier. I have come back with a more detailed review of this Cartier replica.

Cartier Caliber Replica UK
Cartier Caliber Replica UK

These replicas I am going to show you below, belong to one of my friends. When he decided to get aCartier replica, he came to me for advice. Once his order arrived, he liked it so much that he also get a white dial one as well. I must say that I really like the design of the Caliber. It’s bulky, masculine and casual, just what I appreciate in a watch. Most Cartier watches have a more elegant, jewel-like look. This one has a sporty feel given by the bigger dial, the sturdy bezel and the strap.

Cartier Replica Watches The Best Investment
Cartier Replica Watches The Best Investment

Cartier released the Cartier Caliber for the men that appreciate both a good design and the mechanical movements. The first Caliber was released in 2010 and targeted the men’s “sports” market. The mechanical movements were all made in-house. With this range of watches, Cartier has finally aligned to the competitors that offer timepieces entirely created in-house. Even though the watch has a sportier, more casual look when compared to other Cartier watches, it still reminds a lot of Cartier. The blue sapphire cabochon most definitely reminds of a Cartier timepiece. The dial features big roman numerals and an oversized 12 on the upper half and stick markers on the lower side. The subsidiary seconds dial somehow balances the oversized 12. The expanded date window kind of ruins it. It makes it look a bit too crowded on the right side, while the left look a bit too open.

This is the first Cartier watch that uses in-house movements and I think it represents the future generation of Cartier watches. More recently, Cartier released the Caliber version with a stainless steel bracelet and also the Diver version, a big step up for Cartier.

The Cartier Caliber Replica

I’ve seen both versions of this watch, the black dial one and the white one as well and I reviewed them a while ago. Not my best replica reviews I must say.

Cartier Caliber Replica
Swiss Black Dial Calibre Cartier Replica Watch

The Black dial Caliber features navy blue hands. The markers and dial pattern look good too. The 6 o’clock tourbillon imitation does the job. The case is made from brushed stainless steel base and has a polished top. The crown features a blue diamond that is actually plastic, but it looks good.

Cheap White Dial Calibre Cartier Replica Watch

This white dial Calibre has some well done markers, numerals and hands. The 6 o’clock small seconds hand chronograph is just a bit bigger than the one on the original. the date window at 3 o’clock looks goo, so the dial is very similar to the authentic ones. The case has the right shape, thickness, size and weight.

Cartier Original Vs Replica

Considering that the original costs about $8000, one might want to consider buying a replica instead. Since I have already seen a couple of Cartier Caliber swiss replica watches uk, I can tell you a few things about them. After adding up these details and the price, it’s up to you if you want to pay a fortune on an authentic one or get Cartier Caliber replica watches.

On the black dial replica, the difference between it and the original model is that it only comes with a gray dial instead of a black one like this. Other than that, everything looks into place. For the white one, I think that the numerals, numbers and other markings on the dial should be a bit more pronounced. Also, the sub-dial is slightly bigger than the one on the original. Overall, it looks good.

As a conclusion, I prefer the white one. I think this Cartier Caliber replica has a more simple design that fits better the overall look. It’s a classy watch, but it has a more casual feel when compared to other Cartier timepieces. I think they stepped up and a Cartier replica would make a good choice.


Photo Review- Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir

Since I’m a Panerai replicas fan I had to get the replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir uk. As I was telling you in some of my first reviews, the California dial is my favorite and, combined with the Firenze bezel, it’s a killer watch I had to have.

Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir
Panerai PAM604 Front View

Panerai is one of the most iconic luxury watches brand. Loved by some, hated by few, it certainly makes a big impact when you see one. If you ask me, they are very east to recognize. The big, bulky case and the several dial models make it obvious that we’re talking about a Panerai timepiece. These watches were the first to glow in the dark of the depth of the seas. Panerai was actually the supplier for the Royal Italian Navy. This is how their history begun. I’ve always been fascinated by Panerai’s beginnings. Not many knew about these watches since they were a top military secret. These divers’ watches have accompanied the  Italian Navy frogmen in many secret underwater missions during World War II. During those times measuring time wasn’t only a necessity, it was a matter of life and death and Panerai was the unique provider of measurement and precision underwater instruments for the Royal Italian Navy. But enough about its history. Let’s see what this watch is all about.

Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir- Looks & Feel

About the Radiomir, if you were curious about where does its name come from, I will tell you. Radiomir comes from radium, an element used in the making of these watches. The PAM isn’t an exact replica. It combines elements from the Firenze 3 days Accaccio with the California dial. If you’ve read some of my previous replica reviews, you may remember that I’ve always had a thing for replica Panerai watches with this dial. So, finding this Panerai Radiomir replica felt like a stroke of luck. I also have the replica 3 days Accaccio replica, but I like this one more. It has a more unique feel and I like unique watches.

Replica Panerai Radiomir Regatta
Panerai PAM604 Side View

Going into the details, the result of the engraving you can see on the sides, looks amazing. I’m pretty sure it’s not handmade since we’re talking about a replica here, but it sure looks good. It enhances the vintage feel also given by the California Dial. As you can see below, the California dial displays a cool pattern of unique roman numerals, dashes and arabic numerals. It’s simple, yet unique. It has both a vintage and modern feel and it matches the engraved case. The lack of complications makes the engravings stand out. I checked to see if the numerals glow in the dark and they do.

AAA Quality Penerai Replica
Panerai PAM604 Dial View

The leather strap feels sturdy and the stitching on it look spot on. It looks just like the real deal.

Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir- Movement

Replica Panerai Radiomir 8 Days
Panerai PAM604 Back View

The movements make the difference between a low quality replica and a Panerai replica high quality. This new baby is powered by Japanese automatic movements. That means that it does a great job at keeping time. About the power reserves, it lasts between 35 and up to 40 hours. I can wear it for up to two days without worrying about it.

Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir- The Fold

Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir
Panerai PAM604 Full View

To conclude, I am glad I added this baby to my collection. I’ve always been a fan of the minimalism of the California dial. Combined with the 3 days Firenze Accaccio makes this a great watch. It’s a one of a kind Panerai watch. This brand creates some truly unique designs. I am always eager to see new models from these guys. So, adding a new PAM to my collection was a natural step. About it not being the mirror image of the original, I wouldn’t worry about it. The dials are quite similar and few people can call themselves true connoisseurs. The swiss replica watch feels heavy and bulky, just how I like it to be. If feels really good wearing it.

Let me know what do you think about this Replica Panerai PAM604 Radiomir in the comments section. Is this one of my best Panerai replica review yet?

Breitling Emergency Replica Watch Review

Even though the Breitling watches have lost some of their popularity, it looks like they are making a comeback. Many readers have asked me questions about the Breitling Emergency replica and I thought it was time for a new watch review.

How To Find A Good Breitling Emergency Replica

The Breitling Emergency

This watch is the result of the continuous dedication to pilots. After all, this is what stands at the basis of this brand. It’s not only a timekeeping instrument, but also a life saving instrument. Its name is perfect for what it does. It’s just what you need in emergency situations.

Breitling isn’t only a luxury Swiss timepiece maker, but it also is a professional purpose watches supplier for military personnel.

The first Emergency was launched in 1995 and the newer version, Emergency II was released in 2003. The Breitling Emergency has a backup transmitter for lost pilots or adventurers. If you’re wondering who it works, it’s pretty simple. It’s part timepiece, part radio transmitter. The original model was the first wristwatch equipped with a built-in micro transmitter.  It has the capacity to broadcast an emergency signal at 121.5MHz. So, it ensures the safety of the wearer. It is capable to transmit its coordinates on two separate frequencies. The digital signal provides essential details such as the code of the country in which the beacon was registered and its serial number.

Breitling Emergency Design

Replica Breitling Bentley
Breitling Emergency Models

With regards to its design, the Emergency is a large watch. It has a 51mm width, so, if you’re interested in buying the Breitling Emergency replica, it might be the largest watch in your collection. Due to the titanium case and bracelet, it’s a fairly light watch. It features a rugged appearance because of the satin brushed metal.

Breitling 1884 Fake
Emergency Dial

On its dial you can notice that the 3,6 and 9 are have bigger sizes that the other numerals. It also features a LED window that indicates the battery life. When it’s time to charge it, it flashes. Its overall look is of a high-end sport watch.

Breitling Emergency Movement

Replica Breitling Bentley
Breitling Emergency Side View

This timepieces is powered by a COSCo-certified SuperQuartz chronometer movements. As you may already know I think that the Quartz movement is more practical and probably that’s exactly what the makers had in mind for this swiss made replica watch.

What To Look For In A Breitling Emergency Replica

The prices of the original timepiece vary. You can buy it for amounts from $18.825 to $ 18.745. If you don’t have that kind of money, fake Breitling watches can be a great alternative. I don’t own a Breitling Emergency replica, but I tried to find some sites that sell it. After a first Google search, I found a few replica websites. I can tell you right from the start that I didn’t find any good Breitling Emergency replica. All the websites selling it are those that seem a bit shady to me. For example, let’s take the Watchesforever (Watchjust) website.

Best Breitling Watches
Watchesforever Emergency

If you read my past blog posts, you already know a bit about these guys. As I said before, I don’t find it a reliable website. Their fake Breitling watches (and not only) have a cheap look. I have received many comments from buyers that were lured by the small prices and only got some cheap looking watches. The one plus this website has is the broad selection of watch models and brands.

Breitling Emergency
Watchesforever Emergency

Anyway, going back at what to look for in an Emergency replica. Comparing this replica with the authentic one, you can see that the luminosity of the quartz display is really low. Besides that, the emergency beacon is totally missing from this timepiece. The numerals you should find on the bezel are also missing. All in all, this replica has a cheap look noticeable from afar. A good Breitling Emergency replica should be solid and reliable looking.

Replica Emergency

My recommendation in case you want to buy an Emergency replica is to compare the images you find on the replica website with those of an original. You can go on cheapreplica and read more about it and take a closer look at the pictures of a genuine Breitling. From what I found I can say that finding a good one is close to impossible. In case some of you have found some better options for a Breitling Emergency replica, feel free to comment.

Best Breguet Queen of Naples princess mini 9818 Replica

Breguet continues this year to develop its collection Queen of Naples Princess Mini with the arrival of the reference 9818. An automatic mechanical watch small diameter, has an ovoid housing in white gold and diamonds adorned with a dial pearl lavender with large numbers XII white natural pearl inlay.

Fake Breguet Reine de Naples Princess Mini 9818 UK
Fake Breguet Reine de Naples Princess Mini 9818 UK

Launched in 2002, the Queen of Naples collection, exclusively female, is a tribute to the first wristwatch ordered by Caroline Murat Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1810 and delivered in 1812. To create this line, Breguet was inspired descriptions historical of the original piece, known as 2639 production number.

In his image, the current Queen Naples are ovoid. Some models show the phases of the moon or a power reserve indicator, while others are home to major complications, such as ringing in the process.

In 2015, cheap Breguet replica watches uk launched the Queen of Naples Princess Mini (it clearly lies with small diameters for ladies watches), adapting the iconic egg-shaped menus to the most wrists. While presented in rose gold and steel versions, these timepieces to the dimensions of 32.7 x 27,3mm are supplemented this year by a new version in white gold.

But this novelty adopts other features, including a seat and a fastener entirely set with brilliant cut diamonds. Note the presence of a domed dial color lavender pearl. The major indexes were worked inlaid pearl white natural pearl. Nacre being a material of extreme delicacy, this is a technical feat. This is complemented with a briolette diamond on the crown.

movement side, this timepiece entirely in the workshops of Breguet replica, the Vallée de Joux, is equipped with the caliber 586/1 with silicon balance spring. His 38 hours of power reserve is raised by an oscillating weight in platinum guilloche hand.

© Breguet


technical specifications

Replica Breguet Reine de Naples Princess Mini 9818
White gold case of curved egg-shaped, with finely fluted caseband
Bezel and attachment set with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.654 ct)
Crown set with a briolette diamond (approx. 0.15 ct)
sapphire crystal
Dimensions 32.7 x 27,3mm

Resistant to 3 bar (30m)

lavender pearl dial
Individually numbered and signed Breguet
Tour hours off center at 6
Roman numerals made of white natural pearl inlay
Breguet style to “apple cored” blued steel

automatic mechanical movement
Numbered and signed Breguet
Cal. 586/1. 63/4 lines. 29 jewels
Swiss lever escapement online
Breguet balance. Silicon balance spring. 3 Hz frequency
Adjusted in 6 positions.

38-hour power reserve

Leather bracelet