Fake Cartier Caliber Watches UK Review- White Dial Vs Black Dial

I get asked quite a lot to write about Cartier watches. So, I decided it’s time to do it. One of the watches I wrote about before, owned by some of my friends, the Cartier Caliber replica is an unexpected release from the house of Cartier. I have come back with a more detailed review of this Cartier replica.

Cartier Caliber Replica UK
Cartier Caliber Replica UK

These replicas I am going to show you below, belong to one of my friends. When he decided to get aCartier replica, he came to me for advice. Once his order arrived, he liked it so much that he also get a white dial one as well. I must say that I really like the design of the Caliber. It’s bulky, masculine and casual, just what I appreciate in a watch. Most Cartier watches have a more elegant, jewel-like look. This one has a sporty feel given by the bigger dial, the sturdy bezel and the strap.

Cartier Replica Watches The Best Investment
Cartier Replica Watches The Best Investment

Cartier released the Cartier Caliber for the men that appreciate both a good design and the mechanical movements. The first Caliber was released in 2010 and targeted the men’s “sports” market. The mechanical movements were all made in-house. With this range of watches, Cartier has finally aligned to the competitors that offer timepieces entirely created in-house. Even though the watch has a sportier, more casual look when compared to other Cartier watches, it still reminds a lot of Cartier. The blue sapphire cabochon most definitely reminds of a Cartier timepiece. The dial features big roman numerals and an oversized 12 on the upper half and stick markers on the lower side. The subsidiary seconds dial somehow balances the oversized 12. The expanded date window kind of ruins it. It makes it look a bit too crowded on the right side, while the left look a bit too open.

This is the first Cartier watch that uses in-house movements and I think it represents the future generation of Cartier watches. More recently, Cartier released the Caliber version with a stainless steel bracelet and also the Diver version, a big step up for Cartier.

The Cartier Caliber Replica

I’ve seen both versions of this watch, the black dial one and the white one as well and I reviewed them a while ago. Not my best replica reviews I must say.

Cartier Caliber Replica
Swiss Black Dial Calibre Cartier Replica Watch

The Black dial Caliber features navy blue hands. The markers and dial pattern look good too. The 6 o’clock tourbillon imitation does the job. The case is made from brushed stainless steel base and has a polished top. The crown features a blue diamond that is actually plastic, but it looks good.

Cheap White Dial Calibre Cartier Replica Watch

This white dial Calibre has some well done markers, numerals and hands. The 6 o’clock small seconds hand chronograph is just a bit bigger than the one on the original. the date window at 3 o’clock looks goo, so the dial is very similar to the authentic ones. The case has the right shape, thickness, size and weight.

Cartier Original Vs Replica

Considering that the original costs about $8000, one might want to consider buying a replica instead. Since I have already seen a couple of Cartier Caliber swiss replica watches uk, I can tell you a few things about them. After adding up these details and the price, it’s up to you if you want to pay a fortune on an authentic one or get Cartier Caliber replica watches.

On the black dial replica, the difference between it and the original model is that it only comes with a gray dial instead of a black one like this. Other than that, everything looks into place. For the white one, I think that the numerals, numbers and other markings on the dial should be a bit more pronounced. Also, the sub-dial is slightly bigger than the one on the original. Overall, it looks good.

As a conclusion, I prefer the white one. I think this Cartier Caliber replica has a more simple design that fits better the overall look. It’s a classy watch, but it has a more casual feel when compared to other Cartier timepieces. I think they stepped up and a Cartier replica would make a good choice.


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