Home Style Breitling Presents The Plastic Replica Watch That Cost 8000 Dollars

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One of the reasons for which the luxury watchmakers sell their products at exorbitant figures lies in the type of materials used. Companies in fact tend to choose the highest quality metal, glass / sapphire and, in some cases, even stones fit so rare as valuable as gemstones and diamonds and gold. There may also be inserts with leather and high-quality leather, of course “hand assembled.”

Interestingly, in the context of Baselworld 2016, Breitling has introduce its latest replica watch, the Breitling Avenger Hurricane Replica, which, oddly enough, is made of plastic. Strictly speaking it is not a cheap plastic, but of a patented polymer by the company, the Breitlight.

The idea was to make the device lighter than traditional clocks, using precisely this type of material. What’s more, the Breitlight boasts of anti-magnetic properties, which means it will not irritate your skin in any way, do not corrode and, apparently, will be very resistant to scratches and wear.

That said, do not expect an economic device, the price was set at $ 8,390. Of course, an amazing price for a replica watch made of plastic, but much of the figure is due to the watch movement technology. In this case, the movement will be to B12 system vendor, fully assembled by hand.

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